Stylight: „We are so in love with this great pompom- jacket made by the trendlabel SONIUSH“ Stylight (04.06.2017)


This Label creates personalized military- jackets Sonja Zawer pimps Camouflage- Pieces which are normally meant to be thrown away. There are trends which have celebrated their comeback already so many times that they can been seen as basic products. Militaryjackets are definetly one of that kind. Sonja Patrizia Zawer gives throwout pieces of the german …

We took part at the Promi-and Luxusmarket Afair in Berlin where we also met GLAMOUR Germany  During an interview with Model Fata Hasanovic the magazine get the best impressions about the market. SONIUSH joined the conversation. Glamour metioned our Camouflagejackets writing „A great eyecatcher!“
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